China Guangzhou International Hardware Expo - CIHE

China Guangzhou International Hardware Expo 2020


Hardware, fasteners held at the same time, complement each other

-- excellent business opportunities --
CIHE 2020 is held during the "Canton fair", which enjoys the reputation of "the first exhibition in China". More than 200,000 purchasers from more than 100 countries and regions participate in the fair every year. We will through a series of ways to use a huge "Canton fair" global buyers resources fully, and through the customer relationship of the organizing committee invites system at home and abroad to more than 30 purchaser invitation, interact with "guangzhou fair" buyers and gain shinzand, make up for the inadequacy of "guangzhou fair" sale in domestic market at the same time, the formation of "one inside one outside, complement each other". Relying on the huge passenger flow of "Canton fair", hundreds of thousands of purchasers from home and abroad gather together, domestic and export are flourishing, business opportunities are infinite, market potential is immeasurable, huge business opportunities are fully demonstrated, and it is an important platform to develop the domestic and foreign markets!

-- prime location --
Guangzhou pazhou international procurement center and the Canton fair exhibition hall are separated by the road and linked together to form A perfect connection. It connects the exhibition area of similar products of the Canton fair and is only 200 meters away from exit A of pazhou station of metro line 8.

-- procurement team --
Event will be invited from China, the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Sweden, Czech republic, Hungary, Africa, the Middle East, Japan, South Korea, India, Turkey, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions of many hardware application market industry suppliers, purchasers and famous international procurement logistics association organized a delegation to visit procurement, trade negotiations.

-- participation return --
Face to face communication with every purchasing decision maker at home and abroad, deal with potential customers, and expand brand influence among professional customers; Establish domestic and overseas distribution network and expand domestic and foreign markets; Promotion of new products and technologies; Opening up new markets; Understand competitors and industry trends; Understanding the latest international technology and information; Meet old customers and develop new business.

-- organization --
The exhibition is an international brand event of the hardware industry held by China automobile exhibition in accordance with the principle of "specialization, internationalization and branding". A number of units at home and abroad, both government support, and the participation of industry authorities. During the exhibition, the ministry of commerce, provincial and municipal leaders and industry authorities will visit and guide the exhibition and attend the opening ceremony.

-- high-end BBS --
The exhibition will invite authoritative experts in the hardware industry to discuss the latest trends, development trends, division of labor pattern, relevant countermeasures and other hot topics in the hardware application market at home and abroad. This paper makes an in-depth report on the development status and problems of China's hardware industry, and a research report on the market situation of China's hardware industry, as well as a detailed speech on product development and technological innovation. At that time, we will arrange in the international hardware field, influential enterprises to introduce the product overview, the latest technical trends and other lectures and exchanges. Will invite senior Chinese government officials, experts, scholars, famous international organization representative, a famous hardware products suppliers, purchasers, on behalf of the China's hardware industry enterprises and other professional audience in attendance, the industry's leading and authoritative anticipated, is an indicator of China's hardware industry development and international exchanges and cooperation, will be for hardware industry information and grasp the international market the best platform.