China Guangzhou International Hardware Expo - CIHE

China Guangzhou International Hardware Expo 2020


Why choose CIHE

As the world's leading procurement platform for e-commerce packaging and supply chain industry, EPE has become the best choice for many enterprises to promote, display products and negotiate trade. We have witnessed the development and progress of China's e-commerce packaging and supply chain industry, and experienced the ups and downs of the industry together with many domestic enterprises. In this process, EPE is also growing, adapting to the development of the market, upgrading and innovating, maintaining the advantages of domestic trade, and actively exploring foreign trade channels, so as to make the EPE platform a leading brand trade exhibition in the industry.

International brand event, industry leading platform, with China as the core, covering the global market
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Global new product launch platform, leading the industry new technology trend
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Chinese and foreign buyers preferred procurement platform, the world's most influential industry event
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High-end activities share new trends in the industry and gather industry quality manufacturers, engineers, dealers, terminal buyers, etc
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