China Guangzhou International Hardware Expo - CIHE

China Guangzhou International Hardware Expo 2020


China hardware industry seminar

With the rising trend of the domestic hardware industry, the hardware transformation and upgrading has become an urgent problem to be solved in the industry. The exhibits will cover the latest products of the whole series of hardware and display the most cutting-edge technology of hardware.

Solve electricity logistics for further all sorts of problems in the planning, design, to be held in the same period CIHE "China hardware industry conference", to "new technology, new services, new future" as the theme, combining with the architectural hardware, fasteners, DIY, locks, security products and accessories, supply chain and other industries, "hardware industry innovation of technology", "hardware industry new ideas, new model", "to the specific requirements of the hardware accessories such as hot topic will appear, for the hardware fittings with the depth of the supply chain to provide professional exchanges and cooperation platform, there will be 500 + terminal owner party together.