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China Guangzhou International Hardware Expo 2020


cooperation method

Media advertising
Guangzhou Zhongqi Exhibition Co., Ltd actively develops close cooperation with domestic and foreign media. In order to attract manufacturers and buyers from all over the world to visit our exhibition, we release relevant information about the exhibition, domestic and international market information and latest information about buyers at home and abroad through professional or mass media (including major TV stations, we media, newspapers, professional magazines, websites and mobile Internet, etc.).

Internet service
News services can find information tailored to their needs on the websites of the fairs. At the same time, to help promote the exhibitors' brand, we also set up a link to their company's website on the website.

Live news service
To further provide quality media services, we set up a standardized media office at the exhibition site, which is usually equipped with free fax equipment, telephone and Internet, to facilitate timely and effective reporting by media who are present at the site for visits and interviews.

News reports about the progress of the exhibition will be sent to relevant media in a timely manner. According to the specific needs of each media, the reports will be sent in the form of printed documents or electronic documents. At the same time, the on-site press office has reserved space for exhibitors who need to place their business related reports or promotional materials in the press office.

At the same time, the live news office also provides a venue for various types of media interviews, and in addition to interviews directly arranged by the sponsor, it also provides exhibitors to arrange or receive interviews from the media or the sponsor. The interview arranged by the exhibitors themselves shall be booked in advance with the organizer to ensure the availability of the venue.

Media contact
EPE has received great attention and support from numerous mainstream media, professional magazines, professional websites, trade associations and exhibition organizers. The central and local news units have published the exhibition news, and we have established cooperative relations with over 100 professional magazines, websites, trade associations and exhibition organizers.

We hope to attract more media attention to this exhibition, and will provide services and relevant materials for journalists covering this event.

We hope to establish friendly and cooperative relations with more newspapers, professional magazines, websites, trade associations and exhibition organizers on the basis of strengthening existing cooperation partners, so as to achieve mutual benefits.

The scope of cooperation mainly includes:
1. Send information on behalf of others
2. Journal exchange
3. Advertising exchange
4. Booth exchange

Website links
Welcome the domestic and overseas public and professional media, print and network media, television and radio media to contact our exhibition information department for relevant reports, interviews or advertising matters.

Print, TV, radio and network media please send the sample, media background information and request to:

Specific cooperation methods, please call negotiations!

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