China Guangzhou International Hardware Expo - CIHE

China Guangzhou International Hardware Expo 2020


Exhibition notice

The please fill in "application form", after the signing build official seal, head of the scan email, fax or QQ online to the organizing committee, the application form, a facsimile or scan copy as a valid contract, the organizing committee, after receipt of the application form and to review the agreed to send the exhibitors booth confirmation, the booth confirmation scan email, fax or QQ online to enterprise, together constitute a valid contract. According to the requirements of the booth confirmation, the exhibitor fee will be remitted to the designated account within one week after the booth application, so as to determine the exhibitor qualification, otherwise the booth application will not be retained. The organizing committee reserves the right to cancel its participation if the corresponding amount is not paid within the specified time limit.

The booth rented by the exhibitor should not be sublet to other companies, otherwise the organizing committee has the right to take back the booth and will not refund the exhibition fee. Counterfeit, shoddy, or infringing products are strictly prohibited. The organizing committee reserves the right to cancel the exhibitor's qualification and not refund the exhibition fee if the exhibitor's exhibits are inconsistent with the exhibition requirements.

The organization committee will arrange our booth and advertisement. Allocation order principle is: "first application, first payment, first distribution", co-organizer/sponsor can be first arranged. In order to ensure the overall effect of the exhibition hall, the organizing committee reserves the right to adjust the exhibition booth finally.

After the exhibitors send the fees, please send the bank remittance slip to the organizing committee via fax copy, email scan or QQ online for verification. Invoice to the exhibition site or send to the company as required. If the exhibition is cancelled in the course of the exhibition, the exhibition fee shall not be refunded; if the exhibition is suspended due to force majeure factors (such as war, natural disaster, epidemic situation, administrative order, etc.), both parties shall not carry out the exhibition contract, and neither party shall hold the other party liable for breach of contract, the organizing committee shall only return the exhibitor's fee paid.

Before the meeting, the organization committee will scan E-mail, QQ, fax, mail and send to the exhibitors.