China Guangzhou International Hardware Expo - CIHE

China Guangzhou International Hardware Expo 2020


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: is there a free bus from my hotel or around the subway station?

A: some designated hotels will provide free bus service between the exhibition halls during the operation period (please consult the hotel reception for details)

The metro pazhou station will also offer free buses to and from the pavilion (5-15 minutes apart).

Q: how to enter after the pre-registration?

Mobile phone no. 1: the sponsor will send the confirmation code to your mobile phone before the exhibition, and then show the text message of mobile phone verification to directly handle the admission formalities (please note that the invitation code will be invalid once it is forwarded, please do not forward it).

Method 2 paper confirmation letter: the visit confirmation letter has been sent to your registered email address, please check it and keep it properly. 2 business CARDS can be attached to the site to apply for the badge.

Entry way uniqueness - due to the exhibition system adopts the real-name registration one-to-one admission principle, if you use any of these ways, another way to void automatically, can't again the entrance formalities, please pay attention to and take good care of your personal information and related material, so as not to give you the trip to visit bring unnecessary trouble.

Q: how do I get the business invitation letter to apply for a visa

A: tourist visas are relatively easy to apply for and do not require an invitation letter (it is strongly recommended that you confirm with the local embassy in China before your departure). If you need A business visa, the business invitation letter is required. Our partners in charge of business travel will provide you with the appropriate invitation letter at the appropriate price.

Q: the code of conduct for visitors?

A: CIHE Guangzhou International Hardware Expo Exhibition is A B2B trading platform. In order to ensure that an atmosphere conducive to business activities is created, all sales and leaflet distribution activities without the permission of the organizer are prohibited. And in order to reflect the business atmosphere of the scene and the activities at the same time, you will appear more professional if you dress appropriately.

Q: are minors allowed in?

A: CIHE Guangzhou International Hardware  Exhibition is open to professionals in the industry, and for safety reasons, minors under the age of 16 are declined.